Saturday, July 15, 2006

Holy Crap!

When it takes three people to stuff you into a bra, you know you've got troubles! I went for my 2nd bellydancing costume fitting. I have to say the skirt looks better longer and the fringy belt looks better actually being able to fit on my hips. (Thank goodness!) And then there was the bra...

Yes, the bra. It took two seamstresses and me to get that puppy on. And that's how it's supposed to fit! It isn't even too small. The goal is to be able to breathe, but not deeply, which is definitely accomplished. My boobs are pushed up so far they practically start underneath my chin.

The seamstress kept yelling "higher, higher." I felt like I was in a bad sitcom. And wow, do I have cleavage in that bra! Victoria's Secret should take lessons from Habeeba. (Although it's kind of scary cleavage - at least it frightens me as someone who has never been caught on a Girls Gone Wild video.) However, I am in deep need of some liposuction or situps or something.

I'm not going to be able to perform next Saturday, but when I do, you're invited. Just so you can see what it looks like to see me wearing a crane in the middle of my chest.

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