Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Help Me Decide!

I'm going to a tasteless T-shirt party at the end of the month and can't decide just how tasteless I want to be. Remember, the point is to be tasteless - these aren't shirts I would normally wear, so please don't get offended kiddies! (Those of you who know me, know I'm only tasteless some of the time.)

Here are the choices:
  1. Baaaaaa Means No!
  2. 999 - Evil When I Do Handstands
  3. I Heart Jesus and French Fries
  4. I'm Here to Kill You - Next Time Keep That Chain Letter Going
  5. Xenu Is My Homeboy
  6. 2 Drinks Away From Girl on Girl Action

So, let me know by commenting (yes, this is a cheap way to get comments) on which one I should pick. I promise I'll wear it!


shroud said...

I'd say go with either the Jesus & french fries or the 2 drinks away shirts.

Though all those are pretty tame compared to SOME of the choices...

amymvt said...

jesus or 999

Jen said...

These are somewhat tame in the realm of tasteless t-shirts! I vote for the Jesus & french fries shirt. I vote no for the 2 drinks away shirt - I kind of despise all those jokes that just pander to perverted boys & make girls look stupid. (Girls Gone Wild, anyone?) But hey- that's just my opinion. But I know you're not stupid, L, so if you choose that one, you get a pass.

Stephanie said...

I vote for Baaa, it seems to be the most tasteless. Please don't wear any of those to the Poison concert! :-)

Anonymous said...
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