Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is It Wrong For Me To Be Annoyed By Tornado Warnings?

I realize this is insensitive - tasteless, even - but I was a little annoyed that Last Comic Standing was preempted for Tornado Talk on Channel 4. It's not that I'm not concerned about the tornado or worried for the people who are around the tornado, I just wanted to see what happened on the show.

And, that's what the scrolly bar is for anyway. I didn't to see every angle of the map 100 times for an hour and a half (the tornado was pretty far away), the scrolly bar with the every-once-in-awhile National Weather Service voiceover would have been fine. Even if I had been in the path of destruction, I think I would've been in the basement - if I had one - (without a tv) and probably would have had the power turned off.

There, now you know. I'm a terrible person!

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