Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And Last Night... Date #5!

OK - so date #5 was last night. When I reference date numbers - it's refers to different people, not multiple dates with the same guy. If I can ever find a guy I want to go out with more than once, I'll refer to the dates as 5a or 5b. Just to clarify! I'm getting all these guys confused - I'm sure you are too!

The Scoop on Date #5
I met #5 at the Old Bag of Nails for a beer and some fried pickles. The fried pickles were my idea - I figured even if the date sucked, I could still enjoy the pickles. Surprisingly, the date didn't suck. He was OK - and he laughed at all my jokes!

He seemed to cut the evening abruptly short so I thought maybe I was misinterpreting, but when we got to my car he said these little kids in the booth behind ours had been staring at him the whole time in addition to making faces and hand gestures. He asked me out again on the for this weekend but I'm just not sure I can. Date #6 is on Friday night and I'm going door- to -door on Saturday morning to survey Delaware, Ohio residents about their political beliefs. I could probably do Saturday night but I'm just so dang tired. I feel like I need some rest.

Taking Out the Dating Trash
I've also crossed one of the potential dates from my list. He called me on Friday night and called me again on Sunday night (without giving me time to return his call.) I was out of town this weekend so didn't get the messages until super late on Sunday.

He sent me a snotty email on Monday about how he had "left me several messages" (because 'two' equals 'several') and I hadn't "bothered to respond." I told him I had been planning to return his call Monday night but had since decided we wouldn't be a good pair. Ugh - I don't have time for that crap!

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