Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm....

Tonight we find out who wins America's Got Talent. It's no Project Runway, but I've definitely got my favorite pegged.

I have such a crush on the 12-year-old harmonica player in The Millers. Not in a creepy, lustful, Mrs. Robinson way - but in a somewhat-maternal "he's a cute kid and can wail on the harmonica and I'd like him to win a million dollars" sort of way.

You can see his performance here. He's just so stinking cute - especially when he's stomping around stage. Regis called him a little Frankenstein, and he was so right!

Here's a few more quick items for your entertainment:

  • Britney Spears Second Pregnancy Unplanned - OK - is it just me or does Kevin Federline have some seriously potent sperm? He's had at least 4 kids. I'd be afraid to stand in the same room as him. I'd have to cover my body in plastic wrap or something.

  • Sebastian the Cat Gets a Gold Grill - So now our pets have to have bling? When I had my guinea pigs, I thought about finding some hot little outfits to put them in. Of course, I never did. (Do they make guinea pig outfits?)

  • Timberlake Not a Taylor Hicks Fan - Justin says that Taylor Hicks "can’t carry a tune in a bucket" and a bunch of other rude things. Since when is Justin Timberlake a singing expert? Have you heard Justin's new song? He sounds like a overly-synthesized girl.

    It may be an OK song to dance to - I personally don't think it is, but other people might. However, if I'm going to buy a CD, I'd pick Taylor any day of the week. Why is Justin even talking about this? Doesn't he have any more Britney Spears gossip to share?


shroud said...

Justin Timberlake still has a career? I was hoping he'd faded out for good...

amymvt said...

that's some messed up stuff sister. I think Emma beagle love needs her teeth done:)