Saturday, August 19, 2006

And Tonight, Date #6...

So tonight I went out with Bachelor #6. This was a really fun first date. We went miniature-golfing, played video games and went to see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

By the way, that movie was hilarious. Not as good as Old School, but definitely right up there. And for some reason, I find Will Farrell strangely attractive. Especially when he's running around in his tighty-whities (or naked!)

So the date was fun - this guy was fun, but I'm not sure he makes me want to give up my singledom. I'm having way too much fun!

Here's my other problem: I think he might play for the other team. Now, I'm really bad at picking out gay men (or "family" as my in-the-know co-worker Steve calls them.) I think half the men I work with are gay and then they start talking about their wives and kids. (Although I guess that really doesn't mean anything.)

I may have to borrow Steve - he's offered to scope out any fellow who strikes my fancy. I definitely need some definitive "he likey the ladies" statements. Talladega Nights has some man-kissing in it, so I tried to discreetly see if he seemed overly interested. Alas, the hyena-like man sitting behind us was a little distracting. (Hyena because of laughter, not excessive fur.)

OK - enough about my date, let's move onto cute pictures. Check out the cute picture Amy posted on her blog of me and Baby Evie. That was right before she grabbed my hand and used it as a personal chew toy. (Evie, not Amy.) That girl has strong jaws. (Again, Evie - not Amy). I got Evie that onesie - it says "A Surprise Will Appear in My Pants." Had she been part of the Tasteless T-shirt party, she would have won!


amymvt said...

Ok, my gay-dar is generally right on target so just have him meet me and I will try and help:)

amymvt said...

oops, hit enter too soon, or you could have your co-worker do the honors!