Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm in Serious Trouble!

I had date #2 with the Incredible Hottie (otherwise known as date 7a.) He's just not playing fair. First of all, he showed up with stubble - I'm definitely pro-stubble. It makes me think of pirates and we know how I feel about pirates! Secondly, he speaks fluent Spanish and demonstrated some for me. Last, but not least, he told me more Army stories, taught me how to make the perfect paper airplane and drew a picture of a lion on the back of a receipt while making lion noises to go with the picture.

I thought our last date was a fluke and he wouldn't seem quite as cute on date #2. Oh no. Like I said, I'm in serious trouble. I really should've brought a scarf to wrap around my eyes. Once again, I couldn't focus on what he was saying because I find him so dang attractive. How sad is that?!?

We're going to go out again this weekend - woo hoo!

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