Monday, August 28, 2006

Is it Friday Yet?

That's sad, isn't it? Here's my pet peeve: if I forget to do something (especially if it's because you've given me lots of things to do that need to be done immediately), come talk to me about it. Don't go sending snippy emails about me to my boss and my boss' boss. That's just not cool. It's not like I forgot on purpose and it's not like it was something that was even remotely important. Sometimes people bug me.

K-Fed Bugs Me

Kevin Federline has his first speaking role on the upcoming season of CSI. This really should be against the law. In fact, any casting agent who even thinks of putting K-Fed in any role should be fined $1 million. Unless he's being cast as a corpse. I could go for a Kevin Federline corpse. If you think about it, we're the ones being punished. Sure Britney married him - and I feel sorry for her - but does that mean his "talent" or lack thereof should be forced down our throats? Ugh!

Paris Hilton Bugs Me

Actually, I find this more amusing than anything else. Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman spilled the beans about an alleged sexual encounter he had with Ms. Hilton. The best line ever:

"...after the encounter, he became so worried that he might have contracted a disease that he went downstairs and scrubbed his private parts with a household cleaner, probably Tilex."

Somehow, Elijah, I don't think that'll work! That sentence left me with a funny, but vaguely uncomfortable visual. Hopefully it did the same for you!

Things That Don't Bug Me

  • Weight Watchers - still doing OK with the eating part. Getting time to work out is definitely a challenge.

  • This Picture - it's Amy & Max's attack baby Evie trying to eat my nose (I'm the one with the Oscar the Grouch shirt on at the bottom of the page). She apparently eats everything now - my nose was no exception. She was lunging for it - I was kind of scared! (I know it's cheesy to point out pictures of yourself, but it's really of Evie and not of me. And you can see her eating other things - like a couch cushion. Amy - so sorry to be hijacking your blog! Actually I'm's a fun post!)

  • The Incredible Hottie - The hottie from Saturday night called me yesterday and we're going to go out again on Wednesday to play trivia at BW-3s - yet another of my favorite activities! I'm looking forward to it but I may have to wrap a scarf around my face so I can have a conversation with him without being distracted by his supreme hotness.
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