Monday, September 25, 2006

Starting to Feel More Normal!

OK - I can finally stop bitching about my job and how much I've been working. I'm sure you're all thrilled, as it can't have been much fun for you to read either! I had a real-live weekend last weekend and it was great.

A Festival of Freaks

On Saturday, the Incredible Hottie and I went to Shadowbox Cabaret (sketch comedy and rock and roll) for their Freak Show (a Halloween-esque program). It was lots of fun and we had the most hilarious couple sitting with us. They were in their mid to late 40s and were way into PDA. Ick.

The grossest part was that Shadowbox was offering a free Secret Treasures sex toy party if you bought six tickets. The raffle ticket girl asked the mulleted 40-something man how many he was getting for his lady. Oh yes...he said six without hesitation. Let's say it again... ew, gross!

And Yet Another Festival of Freaks

On Sunday, I met Liz, her cousin David and his friend Walker at the Renaissance Festival. It was Pirate weekend, and the pirates were out in full fancy-schmancy costumes. Alas, I was not dressed in costume. (When one gets home at 3 a.m. the night before, it leaves one a little less inclined to get decked out.)

The three of them (and practically everyone else there) were dressed up. Their costumes are in the picture below. I just thought the horses (the picture above) were cute. No real story there!

I'm always impressed with how detailed some of the costumes are. Walker made his pirate costume by hand. I can't even cut out eye-holes in a paper bag. It's really fun people-watching. There was a bellydancer from a "rival" studio. She danced with a cup of beer on her head - and didn't even spill it. Amazingly enough, she did floor work with the beer on her head. I couldn't even do that holding the cup of beer.

Her co-dancer rolled quarters on her stomach. We were all waiting for her to bust out the paper sleeves and roll quarters like they do at the bank. (I'm not sure why we were thinking that - you'd have to have some serious stomach muscles!) Instead, she rolled quarters DOWN her stomach. Yet another thing I can't do with my stomach muscles (or lack thereof.)

And The Final Festival of Freaks

They canceled my bellydancing class. They decided there were too many classes in the same spot of the choreography. Since my class was the smallest and at the more marketable 8 p.m. time, mine got moved. I went to the class they recommended - the one right after mine.

It was really bad. It was filled with overly-dramatic rotund ladies who wore crop tops and constantly swung their hair around their heads. One of the girls had an over-abundant bosom, yet she didn't feel the need to wear a bra, so I had to look at those things swinging around. Plus, she didn't shave her armpits and there were little flecks of deodorant stuck in her armpits. Yuck! I'm also a little miffed because our instructors actually teach that class. They haven't even bothered with mine in a long time.

So, I'm moving to a new night with new instructors and new dancing ladies. They seem a little more normal, plus my class was ahead of this one so I can re-learn the moves I couldn't quite grasp with my old teachers. I'd rather be really good at something than always feeling like I'm 5 seconds behind.

My first performance will be November 4 - I think!

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