Thursday, October 26, 2006

J.J. Abrams, Why Are Your 3rd Seasons So Terrible?

Ugh - it's the J.J. Abrams curse, as witnessed in Alias. First season, amazing. Second season, fabulous. Third season, a big fat mess.

What the heck is going on with Lost? I actually really liked last week's episode - with Locke. Sawyer's definitely my favorite, so you'd think I'd like this week's episode too. No way Jose. That pacemaker story line was just dumb. And the rabbit? Yuck!

Kate again proves her complete ineptness as a smart, tough role model for young girls everywhere. If you've climbed out of the dang cage, why climb back in? What the heck is wrong with her? Thank goodness they gave her something else to wear, though. That dress was getting on my nerves.

I think I missed something with Desmond's golf club. Can anyone explain it to me?

This episode has given me one theory: they're going to breed Kate. They're trying to make her docile so she'll bear their children. That's why they have a fertility doctor on the island. Although, maybe they're going to breed Jack and Sawyer. The men of the Others certainly won't be creating a calendar any time soon.

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shroud said...

The golf-club thing was another "Desmond can see the future" bit. He knew the storm was coming, and was either preventing it from hitting Claire's hut (hence the warning), or just knew a bolt was gonna hit in the area and wanted to "catch" it - so he made a big lightning rod.