Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sometimes Other Folks Say It Best

As Election Day heads our way, the political ads are getting extra hateful. It seems candidates who write FICTION are having excerpts of their FICTION included in ads as examples of their promiscuous lifestyles. Now granted, some of these folks should be condemned for plain, old bad writing, but it's fiction people. Get a life! If I ever run for political office (I don't see why I would, but anything's possible), my opponent will probably pull excerpts from this blog and hold them up as examples of my missing virtue.

Here are a few sites that say it better than me:
  • Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels: on the Ideal Political Candidate. (This is one of my favorite sites ever, so take some time to look around!)

  • Examples of Jim Webb's bad writing (he's running for Senate.) Now granted, the examples shown are gross, but they're taken out of context AND they're fiction. However, he SHOULD be lampooned for being a truly terrible writer.

  • Apparently Susan Combs (running for Comptroller in Texas) has written a "pornographic book." I think her opponent has a pretty loose definition of 'pornographic.' Based on the cover, it looks like one of those fairly tame Harlequins from the 80s. (The ones I would sneak out of my mom's room to read. After the great "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" scare of 1984, I was very careful about what I was caught reading!)

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