Sunday, December 10, 2006

Colder Than a Polar Bear's Butt

It's freezing outside. Absolutely freezing! Christmas should be during warmer months so you actually feel like being outside for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I don't even want to have to walk from my car to the mall. And speaking of malls, they should build malls that only hold one or two people, because I hate squeezing through the massive crowds of giggling teenage girls, monstrous strollers and harried parents fighting over Tickle-Me-Elmo.

I'm so ashamed - I haven't bought a single Christmas present. Of course, since my family seems to have an aversion to telling me what they want earlier than the week before Christmas, I'm kind of stuck.

And I'm also experiencing the drama of do I buy a present for the fun guy I've seen a few times - and would like to continue seeing (at least for now). If I do, what do I get him? What screams "I like you, but not that much?" Ugh.

So instead of shopping, I've found other ways to occupy my time. Last night, my friend Stephanie and I went to the Amazon Grill, a Brazillian steakhouse that's basically all-you-can-eat meat. They bring around big sausages on a stick and you pick the pieces you want. It was actually kind of entertaining - although probably more of a value for people who can pack away more meat than me.

And I also took a few moments to turn myself into an elf. Yes, I realize that's quite sad, but consider it your Christmas present. The best kind - one I could do sitting inside a warm room. I swear, every day, I'm thankful I'm not an Eskimo.

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