Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas has come and gone and for some reason I still sit at my parents' house in Sylvania, where every time my mom does something weird, she says "Don't put that in your blog." Power of the pen, I guess. All things considered, I actually don't write about my mom all that much. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton bear the brunt of my cruelty.

Christmas was great - I love buying people presents although they usually don't like what I give them. I bought my brother a toaster oven and he was quite horrified by it. Almost every single bachelor I've ever known (and trust me, I've known quite a few) has been addicted to his toaster oven. Some of the guys were like Iron Chef: Toaster Oven. My brother will learn to love it ...either that or return it and see how much on sale it was.

My mom and I went to see Dreamgirls yesterday. It was actually pretty good except I spent most of the movie waiting for Beyonce to show up, only to realize halfway through that she'd been in the movie the entire time. (She was Deena.)

Jennifer Hudson (of former American Idol fame) was really, really good as Effie White. When she sang her signature song, people applauded for 5 minutes afterward. (I wanted to scream out..."This isn't a real Broadway show. She can't hear you.") They applauded at the end of the movie too - with lots of hooting and hollering. I never understand "at-the-movies"'s kind of weird.

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