Sunday, January 28, 2007

Armpit Fart Sounds? Must Be a Boy Toy

McDonald's is sexist. There's no denying it anymore...McDonald's is trying to put little boys and little girls into little gender-appropriate boxes. And it all starts with the so-called Happy Meal. (Happy Pretty Plus and Husky clothing sections more likely)

I have to admit...every once in awhile the Golden Arches call my name. Most of the time I ask for a Happy Meal since that's a regular serving size (as opposed to the gargantuan sizes served in the 'value meals.')

When I ask for a Happy Meal, they ask me if I want a boy toy or a girl toy. (Let's not talk about the debacle where I asked for one splenda in my coffee and the lady thought I said one lemon. I like lemon in a lot of doesn't go particularly well with French roast or whatever kind of coffee McDonald's has. ) I've decided that I'm personally offended by this classification of Happy Meal toys. Why can't they just offer the same toy for everyone? Who says that all girls want a prissy little doll and all boys want a hot wheel?

This time around, I said I didn't care, which apparently means you get a boy toy. At least I assume a blob that makes fart sounds when you move its arm up and down is a boy toy. To be honest, it should just be listed as a toy no one wants. The best Happy Meal toys McDonald's ever had (and I'm dating myself) were the jack-o-lantern buckets they served the food in. I loved those things. I collected barnacles in them.

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