Saturday, January 27, 2007

All About Sam...

My friend Amy and I went to see a movie today. Not just any movie...we went to see Catch and Release starring Jennifer Garner, some other folks and the one and only (drumroll please!) Sam Jaeger. Amy and I went to Otterbein College at the same time as Sam, who was a theater major there.

He was by far the campus dreamboat -- every time any girl said his name, it was always accompanied with a sigh and dreamy expression. He rented a little house on campus, where he used to cut the grass. Somehow a crowd of girls always managed to be nearby watching.

He was in either my astronomy or earth science class, which was at 8:30 a.m. every morning winter quarter...let's just say there weren't any attendance issues among the women. He would walk in every morning - 'cause he was the kind of guy who attended classes regularly even if they weren't related to his major and took place at 8:30 a.m. winter quarter -- wearing a long black coat and carrying a big cup of coffee.

The prettiest girls on campus threw themselves at him, but he was so dedicated to his art, he didn't even seem to notice them. (Or at least, that's what they said!) And he wasn't gay, which was pretty much unheard of for a male theater major at Otterbein.

Let me clarify the record - Sam was one of the nicest guys on campus and said hi to everyone and talked to everyone. But while we exchanged a few words in passing, we weren't close friends or even really acquaintances. In fact, if you mentioned my name to him, you'd definitely get a blank stare. (And let's not forget, I was a tub of lard in college so he was a bit out of my league.) But like all the women on campus, I definitely knew who he was. He was an amazing actor then and it's good to see that he's continued with it and found success.

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Tina said...

Hey Eljabo,
Nice one! How was the movie?
I've been overloading on Buffy. I bought the entire series (a genuine fake from China, turns out... Liz and I are calling it, the China Buf-fey).
Anyway, listening to Jane Espenson's commentary, checked around online, found this. Thought you might like.