Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back on Track is Fabulous

Woo hoo! After what seems like an eternity of plateaus, the scales are finally moving in the right direction. I really focused last week on planning my meals, making good food choices, planning ahead for known weaknesses and making time for exercise. It worked - I'm down 1.8 lbs. That may not sound like much but after no-budge scales (and upward scales) for months and months and months, that was a much-waited for sign.

Get That Booty A-Shakin'!

I've been on a mission to find workout videos I like - and I found a great one! Honey Kalaria's Bollywood Workout is a really fun, unique cardio routine. Featuring Bollywood style dance moves, the DVD has you jumping all around and waving your arms around. (It's much more elegant than I'm describing.) I worked up a sweat and my heart was pumping, plus I enjoyed myself.

The music was funky and Honey was a great instructor. She wasn't as nauseatingly perky as some of the other home fitness instructors I've watched. So, if you're looking for a change of pace...this is the video for you. I'm sure my below-stairs neighbors didn't appreciate it, but if I have to listen to them snore (I can hear it at night coming up through the ceiling) and get busy, they can listen to me do a Bollywood dance routine.

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m said...

try the s factor with sheila kelley. (s stands for stripper - but it's not dirty.) it's very simply done - in her home, and it is a a great flexibility-enhancing and core strenthening workout.