Sunday, January 14, 2007


This was one of the craziest but most fun weekends I've had in a long time. I packed lots of stuff in - all part of my New Year's resolution to have a rockin' social life this year ('cause 2006 SUCKED as far as me having fun was concerned.) On Friday, my friend Liz and I played in a Rock N Bowl' tournament hosted by a local young professionals organization. It was really fun -- tons of super nice people there. Plus we got to wear sassy glow-in-the-dark shoes. And the D.J. played 'Rumpshaker' - one of my Butt Mix songs.

In the movies Liz and I would've been grouped up with loads of hot single men. In my real life, nothing of the kind happened. Of all the single men we encountered (not that we were looking for them...but you can't help but encounter them), one had been Liz's student when she was in graduate school and one chatted us up for a bit, asked us how old we were, exclaimed, "30? That's really old" and then he stopped talking to us. Of course, since he was turning 30 in May, we weren't overly concerned by his ageism.

Liz was my bowling partner and we were definitely the crappiest bowlers there - literally! We won the consolation prize lowest combined score. (Actually, there was one group who scored lower but they left early, so we 'won' the prize.) In our first game, our combined score was lower than what some people got by themselves. I did improve over the 3 games, however, going from 59 to 105. Just call me Striker. (I actually got 5 strikes and about 5 spares, which was cool. We won't count the gutter balls.)

And a Woo Woo Here and a Woo Woo There

Last night I went with Stephanie and Liz (that's us to the left - ignore the terrible picture of me) to my friend Misha's Birthday/ Tropical Drink/ New Year's Eve/ Housewarming party. He's Serbian, so January 13 is apparently the old style New Year's Eve on the Julian Calendar. I'm not too familiar with the Julian Calendar, but I'm taking his word for it. (Rich and Misha are in the picture below.)

It was very swank - much more sophisticated than anything I would've thrown. They marked up a bartender's bible with all the drinks they could make so you could pick whatever you wanted. I had a Woo Woo, Mai Tai and Pina Colada (woo hoo!).
It was fun to see my friends (Scott, my friend Kelly from work, Rich and Jessica) and meet a few new people (a prison guard and an evolutionary ecologist who hit it off with Stephanie, among others.)

What's sad is my late night days are definitely over! After getting home at 3 a.m. on Friday and 1 a.m. last night, I was a bit pooped today.

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