Monday, January 15, 2007

I Heart Jack Bauer

***SPOILER ALERT - if you haven't watched the first episode, don't read this***

I love 24 - it's an absolutely ridiculous show, but I love the quick pace, the drama and the familiar episode pattern. And Jack Bauer is such a terrific character. Who else when told "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to hand you over to someone who's going to kill you so we can catch a terrorist" simply says "Yes. I understand" and is completely OK with being a sacrificial lamb?

He's just so serious and devoted to his job and has a bladder like you wouldn't believe. We've watched 5 of his endless days so far - and not once has he eaten or gone to the bathroom the entire time. That's what's great about the show - no one pees.
And Chloe's back - I love the bitter and sassy Chloe. She makes negativity fun. If they kill her off this season, I'm going to be ticked. The Powers That Be made me mad last year with the removal of the Almighty Almeida and my beloved Edgar.

For episode 1, I was alone in my apartment. There is a scene where Jack is being tortured and fakes being dead (of course.) When the guard comes over to look at him, Jack sinks his teeth in the guy's neck and rips out his throat! I screamed so loudly when that happened - I'm sure my neighbors are hearting me right about now.

I don't even think I could rip apart a whole steak with my teeth - let alone some guy's throat. Jack was spitting out blood everywhere. It was one of the most disgusting things I've seen on TV. I used to scream when Alias was on and had a shocking plot twist - and occasionally, an episode of Lost shocks me into gasping. But this is my first "I'm shocked" scream in awhile -- I'm sure the sounds of horror will continue throughout the season.

I also found what looks to be a really fun 24 Bingo game - I may have to talk some of my friends who also watch the show into a little competitive fun. We can play Bingo even if we're not watching together, right?

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