Monday, January 15, 2007

My Beef With Costco

I got a membership to Costco because, for some reason, I feel as a single person I'll have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of bulk purchases. I took Liz with me on Saturday, where our attempts to scam the system were thoroughly thwarted by the Costco check-out folks.

Our first thought was Liz could use my membership card and then hand it to me when she was finished. I quickly remembered the ID requirement so we went with our next option, which was putting our orders together, but having Liz pay since I had cash for my stuff. Nope! The check-out assistant says, "Um, Laura has to pay" in a really snippy tone when Liz tried to use her debit card.

Here's the thing: how do they KNOW it's my debit card? I realize they see who's paying with it, but would the system reject the payment if I used someone else's debit card? They're still going to get the money...what's the big deal? (I realize they want to sell memberships, but it's still annoying.)

Part Two: The Chicken Breasts
Getting busted by the Costco check-out cops on Saturday wasn't enough for me; I went back on Sunday for more shopping joy. This time I wanted frozen chicken breasts for quick-and-easy dinners.

It was the only thing in my cart and after I put it on the belt so I could pay, I pulled the cart behind me along the 'paying people' side of the register. That brought on the check-out assistant's wrath. She yelled at me for not leaving the cart at the end of the belt so she could pull it along the cashier side of the register.

I looked at her, not understanding what the big deal was, and said "OK. Sorry, I didn't know.' So then the lady tried to get me to look at a sign posted at the end of the register. "See -- it says right here members on this side and carts on the other side," she exclaimed, shaking her finger at me.

Of course, this infuriated me. I mean really...does she need to show me the sign? I believe it's a real rule...she doesn't have to prove it. And in the grand scheme of things, is Costco going to shut down shop if I take the cart on the wrong side of the register? Does it affect that woman in any way? What's the worst that could possibly happen if I rebel against the shopping cart rules?

And Then There's The Line
On top of that, I then had to wait in line to leave the store so they could examine my receipt and see if I was shoplifting chicken breasts. If I were shoplifting, why would I go through the checkout? I would simply stuff things in my coat and not even bother checking out.

I may not be able to shop at Costco anymore. And actually, now that I think about it, if I do, I'm NEVER going to put my cart in the right place. That's a stupid rule and it makes no sense whatsoever and I'm not going to follow it. What are they going to do? Revoke my membership for poor cart etiquette?

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