Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random Cold Weather Crabbiness

It's freezing cold outside and it's making me want to turn into a Bubble Girl (preferably with a heated bubble) so I never have to step outside. Ever.

I went to Kroger tonight and all I can say is too much Valentine's crap. It makes me annoyed to see all that lovey-dovey bullshit. Kroger should have more sympathy for those of us who are between relationships right now. Of course, last year I was dating someone over Valentine's Day and he didn't even get me a card, so it's not like a relationship ensures anything. What I'm still wondering is why didn't I bitch about it? I know girls who give the guys they're dating alphabetized lists of potential gifts. All I wanted was a lousy card and I didn't say a peep.

Tomorrow is my annual review at work, so I've got to suffer through an hour of Laura-bashing. I can think of a million ways I suck at my job - I wonder which ones will get tossed my way. Previous reviews (not at my current company) have included: you need to wear more business suits, your voice gets squeaky and high-pitched when you're nervous, you make too many faces when you talk, you need to have a neater desk, and so on and so on.

Has anyone had 'Wheat Thins Toasted Chips - Veggie' flavor? They taste exactly like 'Chicken in a Bizkit' crackers. (My mom and brother discovered this - but I rediscovered it tonight.) Hmm...chicken flavor is the same as veggie flavor. Something weird's going on!

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