Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today: Not as Bad as I Thought It Would Be

OK - I was being a complete whiny-butt about how terrible today was going to be because I had my review this morning and a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I hate annual reviews and I hate going to the doctor, so double trouble today.

However, I was really pleased with my review - it was very (possibly a little too nice even.) Even the things I need to improve were reasonable things to select. So completely not worth the stress! The doctor's appointment was fine too (although she had some blood drawn to check my iron levels.) At the very least, I can tell all the people who insist I'm anemic because I like ice (OK, I like ice a great deal!) that the doctor said I was A-OK.

My One & Only American Idol Post

I promise...this is not going to turn into an American Idol blog. Mainly because I actually have a separate blog devoted just to American Idol but I'm not going to post the link here (yet) because I'm in denial that I'm that big of a loser.

But of the girls last night (Darwin or Misha or something like that) was in serious need of extra-strength support for her girls. She was at least a C-cup and not wearing a bra of any kind.
Those suckers were swinging all around - it was like Britney Spears' SNL monologue when she was talking about how she hadn't gotten a boob job, and the entire time her boobs are moving around in different directions. Here's the rule: if you're more than a A-cup, you need to wear a bra at all times. No exceptions ever, unless you're naked.

On top of that, this chica was WEIRD. She described her look as sexy - yes, I had the same shocked look on my face. She also had a really strange monotone voice and laughed like a machine gun. Even better, her mom looked exactly like her but with black hair. It was completely creepy.
Oh - and need I say that she couldn't sing at all?

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