Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Dumb-arse Saturday

You know, it's a sad thing when your 'Calamity Jane' reputation is mentioned in your annual review. One of my things to work on this year is maybe not spilling stuff on myself every day or tripping in front of people or knocking stuff over. I was all psyched that I could do this -- this is the year I become an ultra-polished, sophisticated, modern woman. Of course, since it's my life, that joy didn't last long!

I'm driving along to the library because I'm not happy unless I have 85 books checked out. (I like having selections to choose from.) As I'm driving along listening to Car Talk (my favorite radio program), I notice this guy pull up next to me. He starts SCREAMING at me. Gesturing, angry facial expressions - the whole works. Here's the thing - we are both in moving vehicles going about 70 mph. I can not hear him. I can not look at him long enough to read his lips. No matter how loud he screams, it's not going to be helpful.

Of course, I'm freaking out - I have no idea what I've done. My first thought is a flat tire or a car fire, but I'm driving fine and there's no smoke, so I figure that isn't it. Next, I worry about whether I have a kid strapped to my roof or forgot to untie a dog from my bumper. Of course, since I have neither kid nor dog, I figure that isn't it either. So I'm forced to assume I unknowingly cut him off or performed some other type of bad driver etiquette.

I get to the library and examine my car to make sure nothing wacky's going on. Yep - my back tire is almost flat. I have no idea how it got that way. \I put some air in it (BP charges 75 cents for air! Shouldn't it be free?) and go on my merry way. (Yes mom, I'll keep an eye on it.) I have to say, I'm relieved my driver etiquette was OK!

And Then There's The Gym...
After the library, I venture to the gym for my exciting Bodypump class. For some reason, I had a complete and utter brain blip about the weights I use for chest exercises. I usually use 5 lb plates for chest (yes, I'm a wuss) but was going to increase it to 7.5 today. (We must, we must, we must increase our bust!) For some reason I completely forgot and put 12.5 lbs on there.

Holy crap! I quickly knocked off the extra 2.5 but there was nothing I could do about the 10. It was torture - my arms were shaking and it completely destroyed the rest of my arm exercises. Actually my whole body was shaking for this workout - that's what I get for not hitting the gym for more than a week. (I've worked out at home, but it isn't the same!) In fact, I now feel like I could spend the entire day collapsed in a heap.

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