Friday, February 23, 2007

Dog Poo - Ew, Ew, Ew

Remember my neighbor with the horse-dog? The one who doesn't even feign a bend-and-scoop for her dog's poop? The one who doesn't even carry plastic bags so her neighbors experience a little peace of mind?

I realize dog poop is not pleasant. But if you have a dog and its name could be Mr. Ed and you live in an apartment complex with no fenced-in back yard, you have to pick up the poo.

The Latest - and Grossest Thing - Ever

We had a big, sucky snowstorm last week. It piled big drifts of snow in our top and bottom 'breezeways,' mostly on my side of the building. The whizzing (yellow stuff) took place outside my door. The poo took place downstairs.

My neighbors let their dog take a big crap in a big snow drift right outside my below-neighbors' door - where there is normally a sidewalk. The snow has since melted, leaving a big, disgusting pile of dog poop right in the middle of the sidewalk (it's not really a sidewalk - it's the breezeway only it's concrete.)

I know it was close to the non-sidewalk area. And I realize this little prissy blonde thang does not want to get E Coli on her freshly manicured hands, but that's just horrible human behavior. At least kick the mound of dog doo out into the grass - or drag the dog just a little further away from the building. We have woods behind my apartment - take the dog right by the woods and let it do its thing. That wouldn't bother me at all. I never go in the woods and it's natural, organic and all that crap. Or better yet, take a shovel and move the dang pile out of the middle of the sidewalk so we don't all have to look at it.

I'm disgusted. I'm thinking about calling building management. but I don't want to be that neighbor. Although maybe I'd rather be a management calling neighbor than what my neighbor is.


Jeff Morgan said...

Have management hire a scooping company!

Check or see my site, to find one in your area. (Links to directories are at the bottom of the "other scoopers" page)

If you can't find one, call me, I'll see if I can find one for you.
Jeff Morgan
The Grand Poobah
A Pet Waste Cleanup and Disposal Service

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