Sunday, February 25, 2007

Total Procrastination

I'm completely procrastinating right now...I should be working or cleaning my apartment and I'm doing neither. So far, I've managed to poke around my friends' and relatives' My Space pages, watched last week's episode of Lost (how skinny was that woman Jack was with?) and talked to my friend Stephanie on the phone.

Just Call Me She-Ra
I am completely in love with working out right now. Yesterday, I ran for 5 minutes and walked for 25. (5K here I come -- speaking of which, anyone want to run with me? I think it'd be more fun if I had a partner. And if I'm going to collapse in a heap and die, might as well have someone else die with me.)

Today, I lifted weights. I can actually feel a difference in my muscles from doing the bodypump workout for a couple of months. I've got biceps now and I'm much more flexible. I can even push ups. Granted, they're still girlie push ups, but I can do lots of them! It's all part of that "I like my body because it can do stuff" mentality, which is the healthiest body image to have.

And The Rest of My Weekend
Definitely not that exciting...I had Jungle Belly class on Friday. I have to say there are a few bellydancing moves I'm pretty OK at. I can do floor work like crazy. I'm also pretty good at back bends, stomach rolls and hip beats. Unfortunately, some of the other moves - like paddle turns and the Bedouin - are still a little sketchy. I have another show coming up on March 8. We're performing at the Ladies of the Lion Club (or something like that.) Methinks it's going to be a bunch of old ladies shocked at our skimpy apparel.

I also had a date this weekend. I was actually supposed to have three dates with three different guys (*blush*), but I ended up canceling two of them. This guy was fun - we had a couple of drinks at Claddagh. He has a black lab and watches American Idol - both check marks in my book! He asked me out again at the end of the date, which I USUALLY take as a good sign. never know...

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