Sunday, February 04, 2007

"What? I'm on the B-List?"

I've been watching a horrible show on VH1 this weekend -- The Surreal Life Fame Games, where "best-of" contestants from former Surreal Life shows are pitted against each other. Contestants include Vanilla Ice, Ron Jeremy, Webster, Traci Bingham and Pepa, among others.

It's a really stupid show - everything is divided up by 'A-list' and 'B-list.' The A-listers get the fancy-schmancy section of the mansion with champagne, free stuff and lush accommodations. The B-listers get the crappy section of the mansion with shag carpets, bologna and polyester bedding. When A-listers lose challenges, they get demoted to the B-list.

These "celebrities" actually think it's the real thing when they're put on the B-list.

Traci Bingham (formerly of Baywatch) was particularly distraught. She kept talking about how she's a serious actress (she was offering non-boob shaking acting tips to the other contestants) and hates being in the B-list section because that's how it must feel to really be on the B-list. I'm sorry, honey, but if you're on Surreal Life Fame Games, there's no way in hell you're on the A-list. I'm betting Jennifer Aniston isn't returning your phone calls. In fact, B-list is probably a stretch. I'm thinking C- or D- list. Did anyone even watch Baywatch?

It's just so funny to hear these people go on about what big celebrities they are. And they keep fighting. Mini-Me got mad at Chyna Doll because she called him a midget and that wasn't the correct term, and then Vanilla Ice had to have a chat with him about how he had to let stuff roll off him. It's like Bizarro World. The coolest people are actually Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice and this Playboy woman - Angela Lowell. The rest of the folks are idiots, but it's amusing to watch. They're just so overly self-important. But I feel like I need to turn on Masterpiece Theatre or something after I finish watching this dang show.

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shroud said...

Dude, all KINDS of people watched Baywatch. The Hoff is like a god in Germany right? Plus there's all those guys who just watched it muted...

I've only caught parts of a couple episodes of the Surreal Life game-thing and yeah, it cracks me up when they whine about being on the B-List group, because there's no way ANY of those people are ranking above C-List in the real Hollywood game.