Monday, February 05, 2007

Busy, Busy Weekend

It's Monday and I'm already exhausted.

On Friday, I started Jungle Belly class, which was a lot like regular bellydancing except set to jungle-ish music. The torso rolls are kicking my butt, however. Imagine rotating your hips in a circle and stepping left when your hips are to the left and right when your hips are to the back. I can't keep track. I'm shaking all around like I'm having a seizure.

I also dropped by a co-worker/friend's house for an impromptu viewing of What Not to Wear. He and his wife have two three-legged labs. (His wife's a vet so she encounters some sob stories from time-to-time. ) Both of these dogs were rescued from bad situations and they're fabulous. They were galloping around the house and when they run, their back legs push off the hardwood floors like pogo sticks.

Saturday was the new release of my BodyPump class, so it was a workout I haven't done before. Holy crap! Again, I left class starving and exhausted and sat around like a blob the entire day. I thought exercise was supposed to make you feel MORE energetic not less.

I also had the first disc of the first season of Supernatural from Netflix so I got sucked into watching a few of those creepy episodes and I read a really good book - The Book of Lost Things by John Connelly. Definitely the best book I've read in a really long time - very interesting story, good writing-- I couldn't put it down. My first five-star read of the year!

Sunday, I started my run-walk program -- I want to run a 5K this spring. I hate running but I love runners' legs -- we'll see whether the hate or love wins. Today I ran for 4 minutes and walked 26, which isn't really all that impressive, but it's a start. I met my friend Tina for brunch at Bob Evans and then went to a fun Superbowl party. And now the week has started all over again! Egads! And on top of that, I'm starting to get the sniffles - and I have way too much going on this week to be sick!

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