Tuesday, March 13, 2007

55 More Birthday Presents For Me!

I just got my bloodwork back from my recent checkup and everything's great - even my iron's back to normal! Woo hoo...go me! I also had my cholesterol checked for the first time ever, and apparently I have scads of good cholesterol. I guess that's good...although I'm not going to go around announcing my levels like the guys on the oatmeal commercials.

Of course, armed with all that knowledge, I did what any normal girl would do. I took the "How Long Will You Live?" test featured in a recent edition of USA Weekend. I'm going to live to be ... drum roll please...


So start stocking up on birthday presents now. You'll need them! You too can take the "How Long Will You Live?" test by clicking here. It's good times. If I stop with the fast food and exercise 1-2 more days a week, I'd live even longer. Go figure. But really, what kind of life is a life without french fries and KFC? Not much of one, I suspect. A girl can't live on salad greens alone. Well, Posh Spice (AKA Victoria Beckham) can, I guess...

Screwed in the Idol Pool

I'm in the midst of an American Idol pool with 5 other people from work (not in my department, of course. We get upset about office supplies in my department - no time for Idol.) The winner gets $30 - darn bank salaries. We randomly selected what order we picked in so my numbers were obviously not the best.

I got Chris Sligh and Phil Stacey. I HATE Phil Stacey - I think he looks like a space alien when he takes his hat off. It was between him and Haley. Haley is most definitely cannon fodder and she's annoying to boot. When she sings, I expect little cartoon hearts to fly out of her head.

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