Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why My Life Should Be a Sitcom...

Granted, it would be one of the lowest-rated sitcoms on that WB-UPN hybrid network, but a sitcom, nevertheless.

My embarrassing moment of the day:

It was about 7:15 and I was shutting down my computer. Of course, everyone around me is long gone because I'm the only one fiddling with courier pickup spreadsheets. (Yes...I lead a glamorous life. )

As I was waiting for my computer to take its own sweet time shutting down, I decided my brassiere was killing me. The straps were not in the most comfortable spot. No one's around...I'm I just reach up there to adjust.

All of a sudden I hear galomp...galomp... galomp. I turn my head to see one of the cleaning guys pushing a big bin of trash. At the same time, I realize my shirt is pulled halfway up and he has a great view of the back of my bra and my back fat not to mention my hand adjusting my straps. Nice. mother would be proud she's raised such a classy daughter.

P.S. He did look away very quickly...thank goodness.

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