Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bellydancing Performance #2

So Thursday I had my second in-costume bellydancing performance. It was kind of fun...we did a little show for a bunch of Moose peeps at the Moose Lodge. Definitely an easy crowd! The only drama was when the CD player stopped working in the middle of our performance. As a newbie dancer, music malfunctions are right up there with tripping at high school graduation (which I did!)

After it was all done, some grandmother grabbed my arm and said, "You! You! I haven't seen moves like that since I was in Hawaii." She probably had cataracts, but it was nice to hear. There were a lot of 70 & 80 year old men there who watched us with avid interest. In fact, my instructor was teasing me that if I ever choose a dance name, I should select Cialis. Nice.

And Embarrassing Moment #4 Billion
The next morning I was walking out to my car to go to work. I see this pile of fur next to my car. I was completely freaked out, sure that I was going to have to step over some disgusting dead cat or squirrel or something.

Oh was my big fake ponytail. It must've fallen out of my bag when I was coming home last night. I guess I should be grateful a car didn't run over it...

Update on the Great Highlighter Fiasco
My boss confessed that she's preggers, which is why she was a complete wench about me using one of her highlighters. Hormonal rage and all that. Not that there's ever a real excuse about being so snotty, but it's more understandable at least...

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