Monday, April 09, 2007

Contrary to Popular Belief, Positive Thinking Doesn't Stop Colds

I think I've caught the nasty plague that's going around the office. Luckily, I did manage to stay healthy all weekend so I made it to my grandmother's for our Easter dinner. (Sadly, my cousin did not go into labor at my grandmother's, which would've added to our celebration. I was ready to start cutting up sheets!)

I seem to have lost my voice, which I take to be a sign of illness as I normally have a voice. I kind of sound like Peter Brady in the Brady Bunch episode where his voice changed and they had to sing that dreadful Time to Change song. I will not be singing that song today at any point.

Sadly, I can't miss work today - I've got an important project to finish up and think I have to be sicker than losing my voice to miss work. I'm hoping if I just keep to myself today, no one will catch it from me. Of course, how they could tell the difference between me and all the other germ-bearers in my office is beyond me.

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