Friday, April 06, 2007

I Am Not Getting Sick, I Am Not Getting Sick

I swear I'm going to start wearing a face mask to work. If you have snot dripping down your chin and can't go five minutes without sneezing, you shouldn't be in the office.

It started Tuesday with someone sniffling and handing me germ-infested papers. I used some hand-sanitizer and took some vitamin C and figured that would get rid of the worst of it.

On Wednesday, someone else came back with overseas germs and projectile sneezing. Unfortunately, I forgot about my hand sanitizer.

I'm starting to feel a little sniffly but I'm convinced it's my allergies. After all, it's gone from 70 degrees to 30 practically overnight - and what's up with snow in April?

I'm just flat out going to refuse to catch a cold. Surely, sheer will power works in these type of situations. The mind can do powerful things - even cure a cold, I'm sure. I have plans this weekend!

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