Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why My Friends Will Never Invite Me Over Again

I recently stayed with my college friend Shannon and her family for a few days in Indiana. They will probably never let me come over again. In the three days I was there, I taught their two daughters (9 & 5) how to bellydance. I made their 5-year-old daughter cry because I told her I didn't think the Bratz were very fashionable (personally, I think they look like hoochie mamas.) I made her cry again when I used her fork by mistake.

I'm not around kids very often - I had to make a conscious effort not to say inappropriate things. Their 9-year-old daughter was fretting about how she had hit a boy in the chest with a ball during kickball. I pipe in that there were worse places she could've hit him. Then she wanted to know where and her parents saved me by exclaiming the head. I'm thinking again that maybe I'm way too old to ever have kids...

Other than that, we had a great time! I went to work with Shannon at the Senior Center. We did chair aerobics and line dancing with senior citizens. We also watched the Dancing Grannies - a group of women ranging between 69 and 89 who do the cutest dance routine ever. Shannone and I decided that when we're at the Otterbein old folks home, we'll start a senior citizen bellydancing troupe.

We also went to Moms and Muffins at her oldest daughter's school. Apparently, moms come in to the elementary school and eat muffins with their kids. This is another reason I can never have kids - I'd never be able to miss work in order to make it to Moms and Muffins. Plus being around all those kids kind of freaked me out...I'm afraid they're going to get all Lord of the Flies on me.

We also watched New Kids videos and made everyone do the worm. Shannon, her two daughters and I did Bellydancing Fitness Fusion: Pilates. The youngest daughter started crying in the middle because the video made her tummy hurt. That seems like a pretty good review to me -- I felt like crying too!

Yesterday we watched the NFL draft pretty much all day. Don't ask me why - I'm not really a football fan. We became fascinated with Brady Quinn - mainly because we thought he was a big snotty butthead and his girlfriend looked snotty too. We kept rooting for him to fall further and further in the draft and were so excited when the Dolphins picked Ted Ginn. Don't ask me why I was excited - or why I was so fascinated with this whole event. We even popped popcorn!

Now I'm back and have to go back to work tomorrow. UGH.

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