Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Whirlwind Weekend

I swear these things go by in a blur - and yes, I know it's Wednesday. I took yesterday off. Here's what I did:

  • Mystic Tan - I returned to the dreaded Mystic Tan box - a claustrophobic's nightmare - so I can have some tone other than white, white, white for summer. I was so pale, I was starting to glow.
  • Party On! - Grilled out with Jen and then went to John and Kathy's for their block party. Their 3-legged labs are so dang cute. They remind me of seals - bouncing around everywhere.
  • Latest Install of Pirates Movie - Went with Amy and Max, which was fun, but ugh...the movie was so disappointing. It was a butt-numbingly long three hours and the ending was complete crap. Although I still think Johnny Depp is amazingly hot as a filthy buccaneer.
  • Lun-inner - Is that what a lunch/dinner combo would be called? After spending 45 minutes searching for Indian food, Amy, Max, Evie and I opted for the cute - but kind-of-expensive-for-a-diner Pei Wei Diner. Who knew that every single family owned Indian restaurant in central Ohio would be closed for Memorial Day?
  • Family Memorial Day Picnic - Got to hang with the fam on Monday. My cousins' kids are so dang cute. It's always fun to see everyone - but it's sad, because everyone's getting older. I wish we could go back to my younger years when everyone was together all the time. Of course, that would mean I'd live in WV and I wouldn't wish that on myself.
  • Celebrating Mammaw's Birthday in Amish Country - Mammaw turned 79 on Tuesday so my mom and I took her to SugarCreek for an Amish celebration. I decided that I'm not really a fan of the Amish. I swear people just slap an Amish label on junk they have sitting around the basement and people buy it. I guess I'm just bitter because I went into a puppy store. The puppies were all in tiny cages with no toys and they looked unkempt. And the owner spelled puppies 'puppys.' I wanted to set them free.

By Request

Tina - this is for you. I tried Turkish coffee earlier this year and it was like coffee on speed. It was good - and made me extremely perky - however, it was served in a doll-sized cup. It was such a small serving, I was amazed it packed such a punch. And it was uber-expensive.

Rosie vs. Elisabeth - Personally, I think the ladies of The View should be grateful for Rosie. When was the last time Elisabeth Hasselback made national news? My grandmother and mom are loyal View watchers and hate Rosie. I don't watch The View, but I'm not really into the Republican ideology or Donald Trump, so I usually think Rosie has some reasonable ideas, she just takes an horribly abrasive approach. I kind of find the idea that if you criticize the war or this president, you're un-American, to be ridiculous. Isn't the basis of being American the ability to say whatever the heck you want? I've never seen an administration quell criticism the way this one has. Or maybe I've been listening to too much Al Franken...

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