Monday, May 14, 2007

Wacky Weekend!

I can't believe my weekend's over already! As usual, it was insanely crazy - yet, surprisingly uninteresting if you're looking for sex, drugs and rock & roll stories.

On Friday, I went with my friend Jen to a drag-racing event. Yes, you heard me right. Drag racing. It was actually really cool - a whole different world I didn't even know existed (like Moms & Muffins.) Apparently, people spend tons of money putting souped-up engines in crappy cars. For instance, there were station wagons racing as well as Honda Civics. I kept looking for a Gremlin, but sadly none were to be found.

One of the best parts of the drag racing thing was that "Chicks get in for free." Really, who doesn't love a good 'chicks for free' rule? Good for the guys AND good for the girls! We were down really close to the starting line - I was standing right next to the 'on deck' cars. I got surprisingly into the races and the fancified cars (I swear I've recently turned into a dude -- although Max claims if I don't like porn, I'm not really a dude.) The evening made me drive a little faster than normal - kind of like the Crazy Taxi effect. (I drove home once after playing 5 straight games of Crazy Taxi and I had people jumping back on the sidewalks because they thought I was going to hit them!)

Family Time in Flushing

The rest of my weekend was spent at my Mammaw's in Flushing, Ohio, where I got to meet my newest 2nd cousin (as of 2 weeks) - Miss Kennedy Jean, daughter of my younger cousin Casey. She was a very sweet baby - so tiny I was almost afraid to hold her. She has the longest arms and legs I've ever seen and my cousin Ryan's big toes.

I'm glad my younger cousins have started having kids now. If we were going chronologically, it'd be my turn. Being preggers doesn't fit into my current plans of having a summer full of rampant bellydancing, tropical beverages and trollopish behavior. (Well, not really to the trollop part - it just seemed like something I should write!) The more kids my cousins have, the less people are going to be looking at my uterus to provide some entertainment. And that's a good thing!

We also did yard work and planted flowers for my Mammaw - well, my mom, aunt and uncle did yard work and planted flowers. (My mom's on the left!) I did a little raking, but have no plant skills whatsoever so no one really wanted my help. If the goal was crappy-looking flowers, I'd have been a pro, but straight lines aren't exactly my forte. (See, I might really be a dude - except for the boy parts. Don't have those.)

The other big weekend excitement was watching the dogs. My aunt and uncle have a little dog named Paisley and my mom has a new dog named Maisy. They like to play. A lot. As you can see from the picture, these dogs enjoy nothing more than playing with a two headed giraffe/snake thing. What's sad is little teeny tiny Paisley can pull Maisy clear across the floor. Yikes! Methinks Maisy is the tiniest bit wussy.

Diet Update

I just wanted to share that I went with Amy, Max, Evie and Amy's friends to the Cheesecake Factory for her 30th birthday. I didn't have any cheesecake - woo hoo for me! Happy birthday Amy!


Tina said...

WackyTaxi Eljabo?! (perhaps you could start a line of action figures) I've seen the computer simulation of that one- well, you playing the video game... and.... I am not coming NEAR Ohio until this phase passes, safely, or otherwise....

Watch out people!

Eljabo said...

Ha! That's probably a good idea - I'll let you know when I know longer feel the need for speed.