Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Bunch of Random Crap

What better way to celebrate Wednesday than bring you a stream of commentary on unrelated events? I'm sure you're thrilled.

  • American Idol Top 3 - Didn't watch it. Don't care who wins. Am horribly depressed by the show.

  • Fall 2007 TV Season - Ugh...Jericho got canceled. Woo hoo - Eli Stone got picked up (starring the one and only Sam Jaeger AND Spy Daddy from Alias.) If the New Adventures of Old Christine gets canceled, I'm going to be massively peeved because that's the funniest show on TV. And CW, if you cancel Veronica Mars and keep crap like One Tree Hill and The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, I'm going to quit watching America's Next Top Model. OK, I won't, but I won't enjoy it as much.

    Here's a great article about the CW's crappy programming. Best line: "Heroines getting by on the strength of a high IQ and harsh life lessons are going out of style; surviving makeover rounds and mastering the art of what (Tyra) Banks called the booty tooch -- that is, making your rump look larger than it really is in cheesecake shots -- are in." (No wonder I am currently boyfriendless - at least, I think I am - I really shouldn't have so much commentary on television.)

  • Sex Toys in Alabama - Did you hear about this one? Alabama has a law that prevents people from selling sex toys so a sex toy shop owner is trying to take the state to the Supreme Court. Not that I'm some big sex toy fanatic, but I kind of feel that if it doesn't hurt anyone else, the government shouldn't be poking its big fat Republican nose into my bedroom business.

    One of Bush's dumb-arse circuit court judges (I can only assume - because only someone affiliated with Dubya would give such a stupid verdict) said “the state’s interest in preserving and promoting public morality provides a rational basis for the challenged statute.”

    That's dumb - it's not up to the government to decide what's moral and what isn't moral. There are some religions that think it's immoral to dance, there are some religions that think it's immoral to eat meat - there's no way the government can adequately police morality without declaring one religion to be the correct one. And that's the whole basis of our country - freedom to practice what religion you choose - or freedom to not practice religion, if that's what you choose.

    Maybe I'll send a sex toy gift basket to the Alabama governor. (OK - THIS commentary is probably why I'm currently boyfriendless.)

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