Thursday, May 17, 2007

Worst Idol Top Two Since Fantasia & Diana

And quite frankly, this is the the worst season ever. I didn't like a single contestant - except that chica with the chin stud who got knocked off in the top 40. I know, I know...I said I didn't care who won, but I did have it on in the other room so I could listen. I have geekish tendencies.

I'm sorry, but Blake is not that good. His beatboxing thing is annoying. If I'm going to pay money to buy an album or see someone in concert, I don't want to hear someone who, at best, is doing a cool party trick and, at worst, is the grownup version of the boy in class who made fart noises with his mouth. And Jordin, although very cute and bubbly and sweet and utterly nauseating, is going to crowd our shelves with yet another sucky teen pop album.

And in Other TV News - Without Giving Too Much Away

  • Lost - Wow! What a twist! I have to admit...I actually got a little misty at parts. Can't wait for the finale next week...
  • America's Next Top Model - I'm definitely pleased with the winner. There were a couple of nail-biting moments but the right person won. (Seriously, I'm a geek!)
  • R.I.P. Veronica Mars - Officially NOT on the fall schedule - although CW can 'option' it up until June 15th - possibly as a mid-season replacement. This show, by far, has some of the best writing and acting on TV. How the network can pass over wit and clever storylines for a bunch of trampish women shaking their groove thangs is beyond me. (Yes...I'm talking about you PussyCat Dolls.)


Jen G said...

Depressed. No Jericho. No Mars. I feel your pain.

Book recommendation (unrelated): What the Dead Know, by Laura Lippman

Eljabo said...

Woo hoo - I made a reservation for it at the library. I think I'm #97.

I'm reading "A Map of the World," but it's horribly sad so you probably don't want to read it...