Friday, June 08, 2007

Eeek! I Had No Idea - Plus Thoughts on Paris

Did you know that two jalapeno poppers have 660 calories and 36 grams of fat? That's about half of the calories I'm supposed to get ALL DAY and almost a full day's worth of fat. Disgusting! I've eaten way more than two of those things before. And, potato skins are no better. Two potato skins are 500 calories (SparkPeople didn't give the fat grams). Ick!

From Disgusting Food to Horrid Human Beings

I haven't been commenting on the Paris Hilton jail saga, mainly because I feel bad being entertained by someone going to jail and really, does the woman need anyone else talking about her? She's famous because she's rich - she's not talented or smart or particularly gorgeous.

I'm disgusted that she got out of jail because she was close to "having a nervous breakdown." Jail isn't supposed to be pleasant - that's why it's called jail. The poor baby didn't want to eat the hot dog she was given for dinner. She was cold and needed more blankets. She couldn't sleep on the less-than-1,000 thread count sheets. Heaven forbid she have to suffer a bit.

So now her punishment is to live in her mansion for 40 days - she can have visitors and drink alcohol and do whatever the heck she wants. What kind of punishment is that? Sounds like a vacation to me.

I'm sorry - I just think maybe she shouldn't have driven under the influence - TWICE, broken her probation, showed up late for her court date, blamed her publicist for giving crappy legal advice and said she didn't read the legal documents because she had people who read stuff for her. I think she should be in jail - just because she's annoying. That should be a jailable offense! (Although I suspect that would put most of us in the slammer at one time or another...)

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