Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not to Gossip About My Neighbors...

I guess I shouldn't really start out like that because I gossip about my neighbors all the time. They're super weird.

Remember my neighbors with the Great Dane, the ones who don't pick up the massive, giant piles of Great Dane poo? They just got a PUPPY! It looks like a mini Great Dane or at the smallest, a lab. It's almost as big as a horse and it's a puppy.

How on earth can you justify keeping two dogs of that size in a tiny two bedroom apartment? I barely have room for me - I couldn't keep barnyard animals in here too! Plus they're training the dogs, so all I hear over and over again is "Bella - drop that Bella. No, no Bella." Ick. So now in addition to Great Dane poo, I'll have ginormous puppy poo all over the place.

Passing Condom Karma to My Good Pal Tina

You know how recently I was seeing condoms - either used or boxes - everywhere I went? (OK - so it was one used and one empty box, but still - it felt like everywhere I went.)

Anyway, Tina sends a picture of a green blob to my cell phone. My first thought was that it was a green Army man - those plastic ones we played with as children. Oh no - it was a used condom. She had gone to some reunion at the camp she used to work at and apparently some people had a happier reunion than others.

Watch could be next with the dreaded condom karma!


Sir MixALot said...

OK, now was it GREEN-green, or more of an aqua-green. ...I'm tryin to remember which night/hour I was where, if you know what I'm sayin.

Oh, and I got every color if you are so inclined, if you know what I'm sayin.

Tina said...

Feel free to delete Sir You-Know-Who's comments. He's such a dog. But, he means well.