Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OK - I Admit It - I'm Boring!

Forgive my current obsession with my new kittens - they're really cute and I've only had them 5 days. I'm going to be a little extra fascinated with them for awhile. They're just so funny - as soon as I walk into the room, they start purring. And if one is left in a room alone, you hear this really pathetic "I'm alone" meow. They're still really crazy - in fact, I hear things being knocked off my coffee table right now as I type. I've never seen animals this move fast in my life - the guinea pigs certainly weren't very speedy.

I've thought of names too! Daphne (thanks Steph) and Zoe.

I took them to the vet today because Zoe needed her sutures removed and they wanted to check out Daphne's glued belly. What drama! These kittend gave the most pathetic meows for the whole trip there. I know they were just waiting for me to unsuspectingly open the carrier so they could unleash a holy terror all over my car. Luckily, I wasn't fooled. I've seen Shrek 2.

I've decided I may like taking them to the vet's office. All kinds of cute guys without wedding rings came in. And they're obviously animal lovers, which is a big plus.

The only downfall was that I also saw what was obviously a cat lady -- orthopedic shoes, questionable social skills, practical looking hair, no apparent social life. If I show any signs of becoming that woman, shoot me. I don't want to be found dead with my face chewed off by my cats. And considering how rambunctious mine are, they'd totally do it!

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