Sunday, June 24, 2007


Tonight, I went to see Poison and Ratt with my friend Stephanie (apparently we missed the first opener - a band that sounded like screeching cats according to one of Stephanie's students.)

We sat up pretty high in the lawn, which was good if you wanted to get high off of 50-something-year old men's pot pass-arounds.

I took pictures of the funniest stuff:

  • -A girl wearing some pretty fancy Poison attire - she did a wardrobe change mid-concert for this oh-so-flattering attire.

  • -An older man wearing a shirt that showcased the physique of a youngr, buffer guy - I was almost fooled!

  • -A man wearing a shirt with two rhinos 'in action.' The shirt says 'Research says sex sells beer' (wonder if he's single!
Here are some of the other highlights:

  • We sat to the left of a group of strippers and the men who love them. (shocker -- there seemed to be a lot of men who fell in that category.) One of the platinum blondes (note I said 'one of') had the biggest, roundest, highest boobs I've ever seen. I'm guessing never ever in a million years could they be real. Do men really like women who look like that? It's completely unnatural! There was a lot of gyrating going on in this group. One of the men even lifted up his shorts-legs to show guessed it. Luckily I turned away before I saw. He looked like Dorothy's ex-husband Stan on Golden Girls.

  • We sat to the right of a group of exhibionists. Well, one anyway. She lifted up her top to show everyone on the lawn her nipple piercings - no bra and let's just say, not a good look. In fact, she lifted up her top three times. She asked one of the guys sitting near her if he wanted to see them again and he said no. Oh - and she grabbed a complete stranger's crotch. Obviously, she was very well brought-up.

  • Some random drunk guy decided he needed to talk to me. He comes up to me and says, "Are you on fire?" I say "no" and he goes on to ask me if I'm having fun. No punch line. Nothing. If you're going to use a cheesy line, at least get to the compliment! He told me it was a very special night for him and I seemed like a cool chick and how I should have a good man and he didn't know why I didn't have one. (I hadn't really asked for his opinion.) Then he called me a pretty little thing, grabbed my ass and walked away. Sadly, that was the most action I've seen in months! ;)

  • Bret Michaels was wearing a Poison shirt during his set. Cheesy!

Kitten Update

The kittens are very cute and very much holy terrors. I had to kick them out of my room last night because they were so bad. They've started trying to nurse each other, which I hope is some sign of kitten affection and not a sign of incest. (Totally teasing - I googled to make sure and it is a sign of affection!) Still thinking of names. Steph suggested Daphne and Norma. I like those, but I'm still not sure. I was also thinking Zoe. How do people name kids? It's too hard!

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Spidey said...

Wow, I have not been to a concert in a few years, it sounds pretty wild if you have a whole bunch of topless chicks...