Monday, June 04, 2007

What Kind of Women 'Glow?'

I hit the gym Sunday for 30 minutes of stationary bike riding. Sadly, I selected the bike so I could read a romance novel while exercising. How 'health conscious' of me - although the guy next to me was doing a crossword puzzle while he was riding.

The whole time, I was turbo bike girl - my legs a blur as I chugged up imaginary hills. I noticed I was getting a little warm but didn't think anything of it. After I finished, I oh-so-politely wiped down the bike, per our gym policy, but I didn't think it was really necessary. How much could one person sweat?

As I go to leave, I notice this perky soccer mom looking at me in horror. I didn't 'primp' for the gym or anything, but I didn't think I looked that bad, so I glanced in the mirror and experienced my own horror. The back of my shirt was soaked. It looked absolutely disgusting and, of course, the gym was filled with loads of hot guys. (Not that I would ever pick anyone up at the gym, because that's cheesy. Well, that and because the uber-skinny, tan, blonde girls prance around all over the place so the boys don't pay any attention to me.)

Of course, I was stuck with a dilemma. How do I leave the building without anyone seeing my back? Sadly, there was no way, so I just held my head high and left as fast as I could. Guys are all sweaty and gross all the time at the gym, but for some reason it's not cool for women to be the same way.

On a positive note, my new exercise and eating habits are definitely starting to make a difference! Some of my body parts are smaller and I feel a ton better - much more like my old self! It's amazing how much an extra 10 lbs or so can drag you down.

Random Thought

Victoria Beckham (AKA Posh Spice) is only a couple of years older than me. Is it just me or does she look about 100? Kiddies, this is living proof to stay away from cigarettes, the sun, coffee, liquor, diet pills ad soccer players....


Tina said...

Random Comment:

I started watching Rosie's blog & Helene reminds me of you at times. So, here's a link if you want to check it out.

Also, Liz and Jen G & eljabo, if you are reading... there is a nickname that comes up in this one that is endearing to us all.

Liz, SARK's sun glasses have a cameo.

Am I hijacking this blog?

I love it here!!
Rock on eljabo.

Dear Lovey Heart said...

i feel your pain, i am one of those girls that drips sweat from start to finish of a work out often i use the semi circle of sweat on the front of my t shirt to gauge how hard i worked that day, it is embarrassing but i have learned to be kind of proud of it, is that weird?

Liz said...

I'm proud of you for working up such a sweat. That woman was probably just intimidated by you because you looked so fierce. May I suggest you wear a metal breastplate ala Xena, Warrior Princess? If someone looks at you funny, just let out the famed Xena cry. Lililililililil!!

Jen G said...

Okay, so I think Tina has totally hijacked this blog. Is there a book on blog etiquette at the library?

I agree with Liz's Xena suggestion. Brilliant! Lililillilili!

P.S. I watched the Rosie link... couldn't figure out what you were talking for the longest time. Had decided I'd missed the reference... but, then... TAH-DAH!

Eljabo said...

Ha ha ha... I couldn't figure out the nickname at first either and then at the end, there it was! I never thought of Rosie in the same sentiment, but now I see it!

P.S. There is no hijacking of the blog - it's more fun for me to write when people write back!

P.P.S. Thanks Dear Lovey Heart - I'm going to embrace my big old sweaty self! ('cause no one else is going to want to get that close.)

P.P.P.S. Where can I get a breast plate? If big, hulkin' guys can grunt, I can Lilililili!