Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yes! My World is Finally Complete!

You guessed it...Chachi's getting his own dating reality show! What more can anyone ask out of life?

Apparently he has to stay abstinent and revisit some of his ex gals-done-wrong while meeting regularly with a dating/life coach. Sounds like good times!

Come on ladies, you know you lusted after the Chach growing up - admit it!

I was actually a little too little to lust after Scotty boy (the Rickster from Silver Spoons was more my speed.) I was, however, allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch Joanie Loves Chachi. I remember thinking Scott Baio was very cute - even as a 6-year-old - and of course, who doesn't love Charles in Charge? (Although, Willie Aames is a bit scary now.)

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Spidey said...

I always thought he would end up in prison or as a drug overdose ex-child actor.