Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This whole Scooter Libby thing sticks in my craw. Whatever a craw is. (Actually, I looked it up - it's a throat or stomach depending on what animal you're talking about.)

I'm peeved that Bush pardoned him. It's sad that Paris Hilton served more time than Libby. And where was Bush when Lil' Kim was being sent to jail?

It's not that I feel so strongly about Libby - I kind of see him as a weenie, the fall guy, the one who takes the punishment for everyone else. But after everything the Terrible Trio - Cheney, Rove and Dubya - has done to screw up our country, someone needs to be in jail. And even though the Terrible Trio were actually the ones responsible for outing the CIA operative, no one seems to care for some reason.

That leaves Libby, who should go to jail simply to appease my frustration with this administration. I realize that's a terrible reason for someone to go to jail, but I'm really, really sick of stuffy, old, white men who think they run the world.

Send me Barack Obama -- he'll fix everything.

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