Monday, July 02, 2007

Hmm...This Diet Tip Sounds a Little Sketchy

I took one of those Real Age tests awhile ago (physically, I'm 23.4, which is better than the 100 I've been feeling like lately!) Anyway, the people who run that website e-mail random diet/health tips to me every couple of weeks.

Today, I got this one:

RealAge Tip of the DAY for July 2, 2007
Healthy-Up Your Burger
A tart cherry pie may be an Independence Day cookout favorite, but save a few of those sour red beauties for your burgers, too. It may sound strange, but adding chopped tart cherries to your ground-meat mixture will make the hamburgers healthier and tastier. They'll be juicier and lower in fat, and they'll form far fewer carcinogens during high-heat grilling.
The Heat Is On
When meat is cooked at high temperatures or for too long, nasty compounds called heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAAs) can form, and they're linked to all sorts of cancers, including colon, breast, stomach, pancreatic, and prostate. But adding about one-third cup of chopped tart cherries to every pound of ground beef can slash HAA production by as much as 90 percent!
Is it just me, or does that sound like the grossest thing ever? I like cherries and I like hamburgers. I don't think I'd like the two things together. If you try it and it's fabulous, let me know. I'll give it a whirl. (I didn't think Black Bean Brownies would be good and they're actually not that bad.)

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John said...

Cute little Chinese man?! "Rip off" zenme shuo zhongwen?