Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Not a Game Show Host

Sadly, that was a real thought I had as I was getting changed in the gym locker room tonight. They've added a new sign at the gym telling us we weren't allowed to just wear our sports bras anymore. Darn. That's what I like to wear all the time - a sports bra and some hot pants. (Although the fashion faux pas I see at my gym do not even begin to compare to what my friend John sees at his. Let's just say naked 80-year-old men - and their naked 80-year-old bits and pieces. Ick.)

Anyway, back to the game show host thing...wouldn't that be the suckiest job on earth? You'd have to deal with really annoyingly upbeat contestants or really stupid people who don't know any of the answers. I'd probably try to hint what the answer was, which is kind of a no-no in game show hosting land. Plus, you'd always have to look like you were interested in what was going on around you. Even if you weren't.

Now granted, game show hosts get paid a lot more than I do so maybe they don't care that they're bored to tears. And the Love Connection gig wouldn't be so bad. (Except that it was canceled.)

I'd like to hear about some of the dates - and it might be a good way to meet single men. Or do you think that's frowned upon? Host - guest hanky panky? Do you think game show hosts have groupies? I'd like some groupies. Not for the normal groupie activity ... I'd send mine out to run errands for me. They could take my car in for an oil change, pick up my dry cleaning, go grocery shopping for me, cook me dinner, do my laundry. It'd rock! And I'd string them along with the promises of more 'personal' errands later, but I'd never get around to them. Tee hee! I know that sounds cruel - but really, my groupies would just enjoy being in my presence. At least that's what I imagine!

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