Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday - Not My Day!

My day started out fairly normal - go to work, run kitten with intestinal trauma to vet, all that kind of fun stuff.

It ended with me coming back to my apartment to pick up my costume before zipping down to Grandview for a 2 1/2 hour rehearsal. When I got there, I had an eviction notice on my door. Always a good time. Of course I paid my rent - I even hand delivered it. My landlord had misplaced my check. Even though I've paid my rent on time every month for the 2 1/2 years I've lived here, she'd rather evict me than see where my check is. Luckily she retracted her eviction, but it still scared the crap out of me.

Then I listened to my voicemail messages - my vet called. Apparently the kitten poo I had scraped off my carpet and brought in as a sample was in fact kitten puke. He might as well have just said, "Hey dumbass, don't you know the difference between poo and puke?" I feel like a really bad pet owner. I've only had these kittens for two weeks and one of them is already sick.

On the way to rehearsal, I stopped at Wendy's to grab dinner. Apparently, the cashier guy didn't feel the need to put the lid on correctly because when I grabbed the drink, the lid fell off and diet coke spilled all over my arm and car. The manager mumbles "sorry about that" and thrusts some napkins at me. As I'm driving down the street, I realize they forgot to give me a straw, which meant I sloshed a good bit of soda on me as I drank it.

Finally, at the end of rehearsal, I had to be refitted for my bra because I've lost a little weight since the last show. It's a family show, so I doubt Habeeba wants me showing off my womanly charms. And let's face it, not many of the audience members want to see them either. I'm a little nervous that the seamstress isn't going to do the bra quite right and it's going to fall off.

Here's my other beef - I am not crafty. I can not sew buttons on my clothes. I can not hem things. I can not even draw a straight line with a ruler. When I'm trying to get parts of my costume and people tell me it's super easy and will only take 5 minutes to do, they're wrong. It will actually take me the better part of a century. Ugh.

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