Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ick - Can't Believe It's Sunday Already!

What a fun weekend though! I think that's why it always sucks to go back to work Mondays. That and the fact that I stay up way too late (for me, past 11!) on Sunday nights because I don't want it to be morning.

This weekend I saw Michael Moore's new movie Sicko. It's very, very good, but also very, very sad. I almost burst into tears about 10 times. For some reason, I never think much about health insurance. And I should. I think many times the difference between a homeless person and someone with a home is that the homeless person got a really bad break -- lost a job, got sick, had an accident. I think the worst thing about this movie is that there are medical professionals who would just let people die because they don't have the right insurance or an approved treatment. It kind of makes me sick. Possibly literally.

I also went to the Gallery Hop - always a good time, especially since I had the best drink ever -- some raspberry chocolate cream martini thing. It was so dang good. In fact, it was even better than the Bonefish Martini I raved about earlier in the week. I wonder if I should be alarmed that I get so excited about alcoholic drinks. Probably not since I have the tolerance of a 12-year-old. I'm really the worst drinker ever - most of the time it just makes me sleepy -- and a total barrel of laughs.

Kittens: So Much Fun!

The best part of having kittens is seeing them learn new things as they get older. Mine have made a few new discoveries - much to my entertainment AND horror:

  • Bugs - Sadly I had a fly and some type of flying beetle break into my apartment. The kittens trapped the bugs by the window and attacked --batting them around while cocking their heads like the little dinosaurs from Jurassic Park (I can't remember the breed as I am not an elementary school age boy.) I almost felt sorry for the bugs - until I remembered that bugs are icky. Actually, it's great for me. Way better than a fly swatter!

  • The Joy of Carrying - Daphne and Zoe have also discovered the joy of carrying around balls of paper, toys, clothing items, whatever comes their way. It's actually insanely cute to see these little fuzzballs trotting around with balls of paper in their mouth. Thank goodness they don't do that with the bugs. I might vomit...

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