Sunday, July 22, 2007

Taking a Timeout From the Potter

I've been reading the latest Harry Potter book pretty much non-stop for the last day. In fact, I was supposed to go to a party last night. I drove all the way down there before deciding that everyone there looked way more chic and cool than me in my Oscar the Grouch shirt, so I chickened out and went home.

I stopped at Dairy Queen and got one of those Waffle Bowl Sundaes that are featured on their commercials - way less exciting than the commercial, by the way. The waffle was a little stale. Fab Fudge and I came home together and we had a nice little threesome with Harry Potter - actually, a fivesome if you count the kittens. Does this mean I'm officially a cat lady that I'd rather spend Saturday reading a book and ice cream then talking to a garage full of complete strangers?

I'm on page 453 and as much as I'm tearing through this book like there's no tomorrow (sadly, there is a tomorrow and it's me going back to work), I'm going to be horribly depressed when it's over. This is it - the last Harry Potter. No more books to eagerly await. Although I guess I've been through the same trauma before - when I finished The Dark is Rising series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy and all of the Nancy Drew mysteries. It doesn't make it any less of a bummer...I guess I just need to find something new to love. I'd probably be equally depressed if the Betsy the Vampire series or Anita Blake series or Stephanie Plum series ended. OK...maybe not.

In fact, here's how much of a loser I am. I ordered from Amazon and had the book shipped to me on Saturday (when it came out.) I went to the Hometown Buffet with Shannon, Shannon's mom and Shannon's girls (my unofficial nieces) for lunch - and during that time the book was delivered AND taken away. They took it back to the post office for me to pick up TOMORROW. I was furious - every other package on earth they leave right on my doorstep. The one thing I actually want left on my doorstep, they take. There's no way I'll be able to pick it up anytime soon so I went to Wal-Mart and bought it. I figure I'll return the one to Amazon. I may be out the shipping charge, but at least I'm already halfway closer to knowing what happens to Harry.

Am I Just Delusional?

I think I have delusions of bellydancing grandeur, meaning I think I'm way better than I actually am. I'm actually starting to hate going to practices because I swear some of the people act like I just got off the short bus. I realize I'm a little klutzy, but I'm not THAT deficient.
After the show Friday, my teacher was like, "You danced so beautifully - you didn't mess up once." She sounded so shocked when she said it. And then today one of the girls in my class asked me how I felt I did in the show Friday and I said fine. Then she went on to say how our teacher said how well I did. What's up with that? Are we having bellydancing parent-teacher conferences?

I've decided Habeeba isn't a fan of me. I'm really quiet in my lessons - for some reason all those girls intimidate me - and I'm not a bouncy, bubbly, smiley girl even on my best day. And I'm not a butt-kisser. Habeeba kicked me out of the center of one of the numbers because she didn't think I could handle it. (The center girl has to do her own thing.) What's weird is bellydancing is the only thing I've ever done in my entire life where people don't think I can handle something - it's bizarre. Most of the time, people just pile the crap on me....

So I need lots of people at my show next Saturday! I'm petrified I'm going to look like a big fat buffoon on stage. For me to smile, I need to have people to smile AT. If you're lucky, I may even wink at you. I emailed the details to people, but if you don't know what they are, let me know and I'll send them again. It's going to be a great show! I'm in nine songs...just load up on the SPF.

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