Monday, July 23, 2007

Whew! I'm Done!

I'm bummed but the book was really, really good. I just can't believe I read 759 pages in what was basically a day and a half. I can't decide if I want to re-read it or read all of the Harry Potters again in order or read one of my many library books that soon will be overdue if I don't hurry up and finish them this week. Decisions, decisions!

Someone at work was asking me today if I read every word or if I just skim. To be honest, I have no idea. (And to be even more honest, I really don't give a flying fig.) I've just always been a fast reader and I've always read a ton of books. I remember, understand and enjoy what I read - so I guess that's what's most important!

My 5-Second Book Review

Speaking of which, Jen G., I just finished What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman and you're was really good. I was completely floored by the end - didn't see that coming! For anyone looking for a light read, I just finished The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer. It's about a girl who fakes an engagement after her long-time boyfriend proposes to someone else on national television. (I'm not giving anything away ... it was on the book jacket.) It was a cute, fun, light read...perfect for the beach. I'm not usually a big chick lit gal (I typically want to throttle the heroines in them for being terminally annoying), but that book I liked.

Bellydancing Update

I learned a new bellydancing move tonight - the upper rib cage roll. It's really cool - remind me to demonstrate if you're ever with me in person. Ooh...I've also been practicing this cobra backbend move where you start in a kneeling position and basically sway from side to side until you're in a backbend (Surprisingly, I can actually kind of do a backbend. Strange from a girl who got a D on her cartwheels in 9th grade.) That one's really sassy.

I was a little annoyed in class today. I was bitching about how there are two routines I just can't remember all the steps to (they're really long and complicated.) The girl who's a new teacher insisted on "teaching" me the moves. I wanted to punch her in the nose. I don't need to be taught the moves - I know them. I just can't remember the order. She asked me if I had them all written down. I don't but lied and said I did. (Can you believe I'm cheating at bellydancing?) Otherwise she would have made me write them all down and I would've really had to beat her up. She looks like some sort of freaky doll - bats her eyelashes a lot, has perfectly glossed lips. It's irritating.

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Dear Lovey Heart said...

i understand your book dilemma! that is my problem too, so many books so little time.