Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

Zoe's name would be Beckham because she can sure 'bend it.' I've never seen such eye-paw coordination in my life. She's knocking this loop thing all across the floor, doing back flips, carrying it in her mouth - it's pretty stinking cute.

And I've learned today not to leave my drawers (furniture, not the other type of drawers) open or cups of water anywhere --both items seem to attract kitten attention.

Am I a Big Snot?

I'm watching Rock of Love on VH-1 - gotta have my bad TV. I've seen the first two episodes and I'm trying to decide if it's snotty of me to be prejudiced of overly tan girls with big fake boobs that seem to be in direct contrast to the amount of brains in their heads.
The girl to the right is Erin -and she was Miss Hooters Illinois. I wonder what her parents think. I can't imagine mine wanting me to have that accomplishment on my resume...but I guess you never know. Of course, since I'm not enhanced not to mention the fact that I'm really, really old, I'll probably never have the opportunity!

Is it small-minded of me to think these girls are annoying and slightly scary? Maybe they're really nice and I'm being unfair. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons and hang out with people who are different than me.

By the way, I realize that Bret Michaels is in desperate need of a hot oil treatment and would need a gigantic penicillin shot PLUS be boiled from head to toe in scalding hot water before I'd go anywhere near him, but there's something about him I find strangely attractive. Am I just weird?

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